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About Redfox PRO

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Redfox Pro 

The company was established in late 2011 as a business development and marketing company in Iraq. 

In 2012 the company entered the consumer electronics market in Iraq by becoming the exclusive distributor for the Korean water and air purifier brand Coway.    

In 2013 the company became also the distributor for the air cooling solution brand Breezair

In 2020 the company launched it's first online startup business iQ Cars focusing on creating a digital automotive marketplace in Iraq. 

The Founder

Mr. Amer Salih was born in Erbil but grew up in UK and Sweden where he studied software engineering and finance at Uppsala University.

Mr. Amer was a General Manager for marketing at the Japanese owned company Toyota Iraq, heading the Toyota, Hino and Lexus brands in the country for 5 years.


We love brands that empower consumers and sellers no matter if it is retail, B2B or digital, we are dedicated on delivering excellence.


The Korean brand Coway has been leading the business of water and air purifiers for decades. The company excellent itself by holding the highest quality products by it's superior R&D for every product. Redfox is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Kurdistan & Iraq.
Visit the website www.coway-iraq.com


Breezair is No.1 evaporative cooling system in the World. The Australian brand puts enormous resources on developing its product which holds the highest quality in the business. Redfox is praoud to be the exclusive distributor for Breezair in Kurdistan & Iraq.
Visit the website www.breezair.com

iQ Cars

iQ Cars is the largest online marketplace for car showrooms in Iraq, already more than 180 showrooms have been registered on the platform. This project was launched in November 2020.

Visit the website www.iqcars.net

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